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Weather Insights in the UAE

Expect partly cloudy to cloudy skies with daytime rain, especially in coastal and northern areas, influencing the overall weather pattern in the UAE.

Nighttime Humidity and Blowing Dust

Humidity is expected in some internal areas during the night and Friday morning, accompanied by light to moderate winds causing blowing dust.

Sea Conditions and Wind Impact

Sea conditions are predicted to be rough in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to rough in the Oman Sea, emphasizing the impact of wind on coastal areas.

Temperature Variances Across Regions

Anticipate temperature ranges between 16°C and 25°C in Abu Dhabi, 18°C and 26°C in Dubai, with mountainous regions experiencing a drop to 8°C.

Milder Winter Trend Noted

Experts from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) highlight a milder winter in the UAE, with December and January experiencing higher average temperatures and reduced rainfall compared to historical records.

Insights from NCM Expert

In an interview with Khaleej Times, Dr. Ahmed Habib from the NCM discusses the prevailing weather trends, shedding light on the warmer and drier conditions witnessed in the region during this winter season.

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