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Varun Dhawan on the Significance of Filmfare Awards

Personal Value and Career Validation

Varun Dhawan reflects on the personal value of awards, emphasizing their role in validating the dedication, sacrifices, and relentless effort artists invest in their craft throughout the year. The competitive nature of the process, where peers are compared, adds to the significance of the recognition.

Historical Significance of Filmfare Awards

The actor acknowledges the historical importance of Filmfare Awards, noting that they become a part of the industry’s recorded history. The recognition from Filmfare is discussed and revered within the fraternity, making it a noteworthy achievement for individuals in the film industry.

Motivating Excellence Beyond Box Office Success

While commercial success at the box office is crucial, Dhawan highlights the pivotal role of awards in motivating artists to strive for excellence. He points out that awards ensure a film continues to be remembered and respected, even if its box office performance might be different.

Empowering Artists and Encouraging Fearless Pursuits

Dhawan sees awards not just as empowerment for artists but also as encouragement to fearlessly pursue the kind of cinema they are passionate about. The recognition received through awards, he believes, is truly rewarding in motivating and inspiring continued dedication to the art of filmmaking.

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