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Unexpected WhatsApp Outreach by Indian PM Modi in UAE

Over the weekend, a surprising event unfolded for Indian expatriates and various nationalities residing in the UAE as they found a WhatsApp message on their smartphones originating from an Indian number. The message, accompanied by a letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the form of a PDF attachment, sought feedback and suggestions on the Indian government’s schemes and initiatives. This unexpected outreach raised eyebrows and sparked a range of reactions among recipients, leading to concerns over data privacy and accusations of political misuse.

Varied Reactions and Concerns

Prime Minister Modi’s letter, issued on the eve of the announcement of general elections, emphasized the importance of receiving ideas and support in building a prosperous India. While some recipients viewed the unsolicited message as a pleasant surprise, others, particularly non-Indians, questioned its relevance and expressed bewilderment. The broad spectrum of recipients, including Emiratis, added to the confusion and raised concerns about the privacy of their personal data.

Political Implications and Controversies

Prime Minister Modi’s ambitious goals for the upcoming elections, particularly the BJP’s promise of a developed India by 2047 under the Viksit Bharat agenda, were central to the outreach effort. Addressing recipients as “my dear family members,” the Prime Minister sought to emphasize a decade-long partnership with citizens and the transformative impact of government schemes. However, opposition parties criticized these efforts, alleging political propaganda and misuse of government resources for electoral gains.

The incident serves as a reminder of the evolving challenges surrounding digital communication and the need for responsible governance in the digital age.

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