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SoulWaters Spirituality: Nurturing Divine Connections and Inner Transformation

Introduction: Embracing Spiritual Connections

Shweta Velkar, also known as AARYA, is the visionary behind SoulWaters Spirituality, a sanctuary dedicated to fostering divine connections and inner transformation. Based in Mumbai, India, SoulWaters serves as a conduit for self-awareness, healing, and empowerment through a variety of spiritual practices.

A Gateway to Enlightenment: SoulWaters Services

SoulWaters Spirituality serves as a beacon for individuals seeking heightened consciousness and spiritual growth. Offering services such as Channeling, Intuitive Readings, Oracle Readings, Mediumship, and Chakra Healing, Shweta’s practice equips individuals with tools for holistic well-being and alignment with their higher selves.

Crafting Spiritual Tools: A Unique Approach

At the core of SoulWaters lies a commitment to spreading awareness and empowerment. Shweta’s spiritual products, including The Shiva Oracle Cards and Messages from Your Guardian Angels Oracle Cards, provide tangible resources for individuals embarking on their spiritual journey, infusing daily life with divine guidance and inspiration.

A Journey of Self-Discovery: Shweta’s Evolution

Shweta’s transition to spiritual entrepreneurship was driven by personal healing and self-realization. Moving from a finance career in the corporate world to embracing her innate gifts as a healer and intuitive, she embarked on a mission to illuminate the lives of others. After a profound self-discovery journey, Shweta founded SoulWaters Spirituality in January 2016, evolving from a simple Facebook page to a sacred space offering transformative healing and empowerment.

Singular Dedication: Shweta’s Mission

As a solopreneur, Shweta embodies unwavering dedication to her mission of awakening and empowerment. With a global vision, she aims to impact countless lives, providing solace, guidance, and tools for profound transformation. Her background in finance and an MBA qualification laid the foundation for her transition into alternative healing, driven by a deep sense of purpose and a profound calling to serve humanity.

Armed with diverse skills such as Angel Card Reading, Medical Intuition, and Mediumship, Shweta uses her intuition and divine guidance to facilitate deep healing and transformation. Her ability to connect with clients on a soul level sets her apart as a guiding light in the spiritual community.

Overcoming Doubt: Navigating Challenges

Shweta’s journey has been marked by hurdles, including self-doubt and skepticism. Despite facing resistance, she remained steadfast in her belief in her abilities and mission, forging ahead with determination and trust in divine guidance.

For more information about SoulWaters Spirituality and Shweta Velkar, visit: Connect with Shweta Velkar on LinkedIn: Shweta Velkar

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