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Revolutionizing Financial Advisory: FinSharpe Investment Advisors Secures One Crore Funding


In an industry where innovation is key, FinSharpe Investment Advisors stands out as a trailblazer, recently securing a significant funding of One Crore. This milestone underlines the company’s commitment to revolutionizing financial advisory in India.

Founder’s Background

Founded by Rohan Borawake, a SEBI-registered investment advisor, FinSharpe has been at the forefront of integrating quantitative finance into investment strategies. Rohan’s diverse academic background, encompassing Mechanical Engineering and Quantitative Finance, equips him with a unique perspective in the financial domain.

Key Team Member

Sabir Jana, the Head of Quantitative Research at FinSharpe, brings over 25 years of experience to the firm. His tenure at esteemed companies like Infosys and TCS, coupled with his IIT Madras education, adds a depth of knowledge in quantitative analysis and algorithm development.

Methodology and Approach

FinSharpe’s methodology stands out in the Indian financial landscape. Moving away from traditional investment avenues, the firm focuses on minimizing psychological biases and leveraging data-driven strategies to optimize investment portfolios.

Future Growth and Vision

This funding is set to propel FinSharpe’s growth, allowing them to expand their services and reach a broader audience. The investment will be channelled into enhancing their proprietary algorithms and extending their innovative financial tools to retail investors at competitive prices.

FinSharpe is driven by a commitment to assist investors in achieving their financial goals. Their service is built on the pillars of transparency and trust, ensuring a conflict-free relationship with their clients.

Their journey, marked by this recent funding, is a testament to their innovative spirit and dedication to transforming the investment advisory space. With a vision set on empowering investors, FinSharpe continues to break new ground, one innovative idea at a time.

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