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Revamped Consumer Protection Laws in the UAE

Enhanced Commitments and Regulatory Measures

The Ministry of Economy in the UAE has introduced significant changes to consumer protection laws, aiming to strengthen consumer rights and ensure ethical business practices.

Diverse Fines for Varied Offenses

The amended laws include 46 new violations with fines ranging from Dh100,000 to Dh1 million. Penalties cover a wide range of offenses, including failure to address defects promptly and non-compliance with safety standards.

Severe Consequences for Repeat Offenses

Repeat offenses can lead to severe outcomes such as license cancellation or business deregistration, highlighting the gravity of violating consumer protection laws.

Empowered Local Authorities for Effective Enforcement

Local authorities play a vital role in enforcing consumer protection laws, receiving and acting on complaints, imposing sanctions, and addressing grievances to ensure fair business practices in the market.

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