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Qatar Grants Freedom: Ex-Indian Navy Heroes Reunite with Loved Ones

Qatari Diplomatic Triumph

Qatar’s release of eight former Indian Navy personnel, with seven of them safely returned home on Monday morning, marks a significant diplomatic triumph for India. This culmination follows nearly three and a half months of intense negotiations, initially shadowed by the specter of a death sentence handed down by a Qatari court—a sentence later commuted to jail terms.

Prime Minister’s Personal Oversight

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra underscored Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal oversight of the case, emphasizing Modi’s unwavering commitment to securing the release of these individuals. Kwatra disclosed that Modi would travel to Doha, Qatar, on Wednesday, following his visit to the UAE.

While seven of the eight Indian nationals have been successfully repatriated, efforts persist to secure the return of the remaining individual. Commander Purnendu Tiwari remains there due to pending paperwork, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Expressing gratitude to them for facilitating the return of these individuals, Foreign Secretary Kwatra reiterated India’s appreciation for their government and the Amir’s decision to release them. While celebrating the return of seven nationals, efforts persist to expedite the return of the eighth individual still in Qatar.

Decision to release the eight former Indian Navy personnel and India’s successful repatriation of seven of them underscore the importance of diplomatic engagement and cooperation in resolving complex international issues.

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