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Interview with Kyle Waney: Elevating the Artificial Turf Industry in the UAE

Professional Journey

Kyle Waney, Vice President at Standard Carpets Ind LLC, shares insights into his professional journey in the textiles industry, highlighting key milestones that have shaped his career. From overseeing the expansion of company facilities to the launch of Standard Turf, Kyle emphasizes innovation and a people-centric approach.

Creation of Standard Turf

Kyle discusses the driving force behind the decision to create Standard Turf as a distinct brand under Standard Carpets. The focus on in-house extrusion of grass yarn and a commitment to quality and innovation have propelled Standard Turf as a leading player in the artificial turf industry.

Influence and Mentorship

Kyle attributes his success to his uncle, Gulu Waney, Chairman of Standard Carpets, who has been a significant influence and mentor in his career. Gulu Waney’s business acumen, leadership qualities, and emphasis on quality and service have inspired Kyle in his professional journey.

Evolution of the Sector

Reflecting on the evolution of the artificial turf sector in the UAE, Kyle notes the importance of quality and sustainability. With a focus on educating customers about product features and industry standards, Standard Turf aims to elevate the sector’s reputation and meet the UAE’s exceptional standards.

Sustainability and Vertical Integration

Standard Carpets’ commitment to sustainability is evident through initiatives such as solar energy utilization and water recycling. Kyle explains how vertical integration benefits the supply chain by ensuring quality control, efficient lead times, and reliable customer service.

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