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Exciting Game Titles Coming to PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass

Reimagined Horror: Resident Evil 2 Enhanced Edition: PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass

The iconic 1998 game, Resident Evil 2, receives a complete reimagination for PS4 and PS5. Experience individual campaigns for characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield with a new 3rd person view and Capcom’s RE Engine. Explore the zombie-infested Raccoon City with stunning re-built environments, new puzzles, storylines, and areas. This enhanced version, available from January 16 on PS Plus Extra and Premium, and Xbox Game Pass, promises horrifying surprises for both new and seasoned fans.

Siblings in Desperation: A Plague Tale: Requiem: PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, protagonists Amicia and Hugo venture to new regions and vibrant cities to escape their devastated homeland. Faced with renewed chaos as Hugo’s powers reawaken, the siblings seek refuge on a prophesized island that holds the potential to save Hugo. This desperate struggle for survival unfolds through the use of various weapons, tools, and unearthly powers. Now available on PS Plus.

Return to Chaos: Just Cause 3: PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass

Return to chaos with Just Cause 3 as Rico Rodriguez wreaks havoc on a Mediterranean island paradise. Armed with explosive weapons and a wide selection of vehicles, unleash creativity and destruction. Use the Grapple and Parachute to scale buildings, hijack vehicles, and tether objects for inventive chaos. The Wingsuit adds a new dimension, allowing players to glide through the air and bring destruction from above. Available from January 16 on PS Plus Extra and Premium.

Celebrating Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection: PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass

Celebrate the Street Fighter legacy with the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Featuring 12 titles from the Street Fighter I, II, III, and Alpha series, this massive compilation preserves perfect arcade balance for the first time on consoles. Relive the arcade experience online through Arcade Mode or engage in multiplayer battles with friends in the online lobby. Immerse yourself in the authentic Street Fighter experience across four definitive titles. Available from January 16 on PS Plus Premium.

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