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Empowering Social Welfare in Dubai

Social Welfare In a landmark announcement on Thursday, Dubai introduced an ambitious Dh208 billion social welfare budget for the next ten years, with a primary focus on families and individuals. Unveiled by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the initiative aims to position the emirate among the top three cities globally in terms of living standards.

Dubai Social Agenda 33: Empowering Families for a Flourishing Future

The comprehensive plan, named ‘Dubai Social Agenda 33,’ outlines strategies to empower families in the region, aspiring to see a two-fold increase in the number of new Emirati families. It encompasses key pillars such as healthcare, education, and a social support system, with a commitment to provide land and loans to every Emirati family within a year of application.

18th Accession Day: A Tradition of Meaningful Announcements: Social Welfare

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum chose the occasion of his 18th Accession Day to introduce this transformative initiative. Emphasizing the significance of family, he declared, ‘Our nation is not merely buildings and figures; it is made up of families and people.’

Leadership Oversight: Ensuring Commitment to Dubai’s Well-being

Key figures, including Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and others, will oversee the social welfare programs. Their deep connection to the Dubai family ensures a dedicated commitment to its well-being, as highlighted by Sheikh Mohammed.

Five Pillars of Progress: Objectives of Dubai Social Agenda 33

Dubai Social Agenda 33 focuses on five primary objectives: fostering happy and tolerant families, promoting a robust healthcare system, creating an education system aligned with future aspirations, establishing a proactive social support system, and developing suitable housing and infrastructure while encouraging community participation in sports and culture.

Financial Breakdown: Dh208 Billion Budget for a Flourishing Future

According to the Dubai Media Office (DMO), the Dh208 billion social agenda budget is more than double the support allocated in the past decade. Government funding for healthcare will reach Dh120 billion until 2033, with the budget for social well-being rising to Dh88 billion. This allocation includes segments for citizen support, social institutions, Emirati housing, education, entrepreneurship, arts, culture, and sports. The substantial increase reflects Dubai’s commitment to sustainable social development and elevating living standards for its residents.

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