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Dubai Residents Fooled by Lucky Draw Scam

Deceptive Promises and Financial Loss

Residents of Dubai, including Sneha and her son, fell victim to a fraudulent lucky draw scheme by Apollo Times Travel. They were lured in with promises of a free gift but ended up signing a Dh40,000 time-share package after a high-pressure sales pitch.

Rising Frustration Among Victims

Other victims like Sivanagaraja and his wife Sowmya invested Dh28,000 in a gold membership for a promised world tour, only to find Apollo’s office closed and the company vanished. The collective losses of victims have exceeded a million dirhams, causing growing frustration.

Similar stories were shared by Dipesh, Mohit Rajpal, Arup Dutta, and more, who were promised dream vacations that never materialized, highlighting the deceitful tactics of the scammers.

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