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Challenges of Dense Fog and Cold Wave in Northern India

New Delhi Airport’s Struggle

For the third consecutive day, dense fog, coupled with an intense cold wave, continues to create disruptions in air travel across northern India. Over 160 flights have been affected, with the international airport in New Delhi experiencing delays and cancellations.

Winter’s Lowest Temperature Recorded: Dense Fog

New Delhi recorded its lowest winter temperature at 3.3 degrees Celsius on Monday, contributing to low visibility and dense fog. This resulted in the delay of approximately 500 flights and the cancellation of 87.

Passenger Frustration and Delayed Travel

Passenger frustration was evident in images on television and social media, capturing arguments with airline staff. A video showcased passengers having dinner on the tarmac as they waited for a delayed flight.

Mitigating Measures

In response to the weather challenges, the aviation minister announced efforts to expedite the use of an additional runway equipped with the CAT III navigation system. This system is designed to facilitate safe landings even in conditions of low visibility.

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