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A Family’s Journey from Gaza to the UAE

  • “From Gaza to the Philippines”
  • “Facing Trauma and Financial Strain”: Reunion
  • “From Gaza to Cavite”
  • “Hope Amidst Hardship”
  • “Striving for UAE Reunion”
  • Conclusion: “A Family’s Resilience and Longing for Normalcy”

“From Gaza to the Philippines”

Marlene and the children, most born in the UAE, were successfully evacuated by the Philippine government, facing challenges in temporary housing and financial assistance.

“Facing Trauma and Financial Strain”: Reunion

Assisted by the Philippine-Palestine Friendship Association (PPFA), Marlene and her children grapple with the aftermath of war, dealing with financial difficulties and the emotional toll of the conflict.

“From Gaza to Cavite”

Renting a room in Cavite, outside of Metro Manila, the family copes with the children’s trauma, triggered by everyday sounds reminiscent of the war.

“Hope Amidst Hardship”

Despite challenges, Marlene’s eldest daughter secures a scholarship in Switzerland, providing a glimmer of hope for the family’s future.

“Striving for UAE Reunion”

Amjad works diligently to bring his family back to the UAE, seeking support from charity organizations and school authorities for his children’s education.

Conclusion: “A Family’s Resilience and Longing for Normalcy”

Amidst displacement and challenges, Amjad’s family remains resilient, holding onto the hope for a brighter future and a reunion in the UAE.

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