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Silver / Departure MG Service

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Silver / Departure MG Service

96 € /Per Person

Dubai Airport Meet and Greet


The Dubai Airport Silver Departure Meet and Assist service provides a seamless departure experience for travelers. Upon reaching the departure meeting point, a professional greeter, identifiable by a placard, awaits the guest. The guest is invited to approach the greeter, initiating a smooth and personalized departure process.

The greeter takes charge by assisting the guest with check-in formalities, coordinating with a porter to ensure a hassle-free experience. Additionally, the greeter extends support through Passport Control formalities, streamlining the process for the guest.

As part of the Silver Departure service, the greeter escorts the guests to the boarding gate for their onward flight, providing attentive assistance throughout the journey. 

It is a group service, the greeter will wait for other guests in the same flight if booked. For one to one service you must book gold service.

IMPORTANT POINTS : The service is not personalized. Clubbing of passengers is applied with a ratio of 1 staff to 3 or 4 passengers on the same flight.

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Dubai Airport Departure Meet and Assist Service

The Dubai Airport Silver Departure Meet and Assist service is a premium offering designed to elevate the departure experience for travelers at Dubai International Airport. Tailored to meet the needs of discerning passengers, this service provides a range of exclusive amenities and personalized assistance to ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey as passengers bid farewell to Dubai.

As travelers embark on their departure process, they are welcomed by a dedicated team of professional representatives. The Silver Departure Meet and Assist service encompass expedited procedures through check-in, security, and immigration, allowing passengers to navigate through the departure formalities swiftly and with ease.

A distinctive feature of the Silver Departure service is the heightened level of personalized attention. Beyond the standard departure processes, passengers benefit from exclusive assistance with luggage, ensuring a smooth and efficient handling of their belongings.

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Dubai Airport

  • Greeting at Arrival Gate
  • Personalized Assistance
  • Buggy Car Usage (Not guarantee, depends on availability)
  • Fast Track Usage
  • Free Porter Service (Luggage Handling)
  • Farewell at outside of terminal
  • Chauffer service to your address

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