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Gold / Departure MG Service

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Gold / Departure MG Service

165 € /Per Person

Dubai Airport Meet and Greet Gold


The greeter will welcome the guest at the arrival gate with a placard, the guest must approach the greeter and he will help the guest with the fast track immigration formalities. The greeter will also provide assistance with luggage collection with a porter to the guest and once all the formalities are complete the greeter will escort and assist the guest to the exit and to the car park.

IMPORTANT POINTS : The service is personalized. The greeter will be met with you and assist until your car (outside).

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Dubai Airport Departure Meet and Assist Service

Dubai Airport Gold Meet and Assist service stands as a pinnacle of luxury and convenience, elevating the departure experience for discerning travelers at Dubai International Airport. Crafted to cater to the unique needs of elite passengers, this service provides an array of exclusive amenities and personalized assistance to ensure a seamless and opulent departure.

Upon commencing their departure process, travelers are welcomed by a highly-trained team of professional representatives. The Gold Departure Meet and Assist service encompass expedited procedures through check-in, security, and immigration, allowing passengers to navigate through the departure formalities swiftly and with a heightened level of efficiency.

One of the defining features of the Gold Departure service is the unparalleled level of personalized attention. Going beyond standard processes, passengers benefit from exclusive assistance with luggage, ensuring a seamless and efficient handling of their belongings. The service strives to provide an experience that transcends the ordinary, adding an extra layer of luxury to the departure journey.

Furthermore, the Gold Meet and Assist service extends its commitment to sophistication by offering personalized guidance and support throughout the entire departure process. Whether it’s assistance with documentation, directions, or any specific requirements, the service ensures that passengers experience a departure marked by a sense of care, exclusivity, and indulgence.

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Dubai Airport

  • Greeting at Arrival Gate
  • Personalized Assistance
  • Buggy Car Usage (Not guarantee, depends on availability)
  • Fast Track Usage
  • Free Porter Service (Luggage Handling)
  • Farewell at outside of terminal
  • Chauffer service to your address

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