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The Grand Gathering at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque on 27th Ramadan

An awe-inspiring congregation of 70,000 faithful believers took place at the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi on the 27th night of Ramadan. The gathering was a testament to the deep devotion and spiritual fervor among the worshippers who came together to seek solace and blessings during this sacred period.

Prayer Breakdown and Participation

Out of the 70,000 attendees, 11,589 individuals engaged in Taraweeh prayers, while 59,091 participants observed Tahajjud, highlighting the diverse forms of worship and prayer that were conducted throughout the night. The mosque provided iftar meals to 33,500 individuals, further enhancing the sense of communal solidarity and compassion among the worshippers.

Guidance and Leadership

Sheikh Idris Abkar, the esteemed imam of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, led the congregation in solemn prayers. His heartfelt supplications resonated with the worshippers as he prayed for the security and prosperity of the UAE, invoked blessings upon its leaders, and sought forgiveness for the Founding Fathers. His guidance and leadership set a tone of reverence and spirituality throughout the night.

Unity Across Mosques in the UAE

Besides the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, mosques across the UAE witnessed a similar outpouring of faith and devotion. For instance, the Sheikh Khalifa Grand Mosque in Al Ain hosted 28,850 worshippers, while the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Fujairah welcomed 13,634 worshippers. This widespread participation underscored the unity and collective spirit of the community during Ramadan.

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