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Saudi Arabia to Host World Economic Forum Meeting in April

Saudi Arabia to Host Transformative World Economic Forum Meeting in April

Saudi Arabia is set to take center stage on the global platform as it hosts a special World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in April, announced Faisal Alibrahim, the country’s economy minister. This landmark event, scheduled from April 28-29, is poised to elevate the kingdom’s profile on the world stage, with a strategic focus on fostering global collaboration, driving sustainable growth, and advancing energy initiatives.

Significance of the Event

Speaking from Davos, Switzerland, where the World Economic Forum’s flagship annual event is currently underway, Alibrahim expressed the significance of this momentous occasion, emphasizing the kingdom’s evolving role as a prominent global leader. He highlighted the forum’s recognition of Saudi Arabia’s growing influence and impact on the global stage, citing it as an opportune moment to bring this prestigious Tier 1 event to Riyadh and embark on a new chapter of collaboration and innovation.

“This will contribute to Riyadh becoming a more global platform,” Alibrahim affirmed, underscoring the kingdom’s commitment to leveraging this platform to drive positive change and foster greater international cooperation.

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