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Revolutionizing the Electric Vehicle Industry: The Elektron Motors Story

Childhood Dreams Fueling Innovation

The foundation of Elektron Motors lies in the childhood of its founder, Armagan Arabul. Growing up enamored with the speed and freedom represented by cars and airplanes, Armagan’s childhood ambitions laid the groundwork for Elektron’s future endeavors. Influenced by shows like Star Trek and movies such as Back to the Future, his imagination knew no bounds.

The Elektron Ethos: A Commitment to Excellence

At Elektron Motors, the driving philosophy is inspired by Ayrton Senna’s words, ‘Being second is to be the first of the losers’. This relentless pursuit of excellence extends to all aspects of the company, from engineering to customer service.

Pioneering Sustainable Vehicles for the Future

Elektron Motors is dedicated to shaping a sustainable future by integrating environmentally friendly technologies. Their commitment to advancing clean energy solutions in the automotive sector is evident in their innovative approaches and energy-efficient components.

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