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Remarkable Achievement of Youngest Published Female Author

Guinness World Records Acknowledges Historic Achievement

In a remarkable start to 2024, three-year-old Emirati girl AlMaha Rashed AlMheiri has etched her name in history as the world’s youngest published female author. Her debut children’s stories, ‘The Flower’ and ‘Honeybee,’ saw unprecedented success, selling over 1,000 copies each within 24 hours.

From Creativity to Conservation: AlMaha’s Unique Journey

AlMaha’s journey into storytelling and illustration, fueled by her passion, resulted in not only captivating tales but also a powerful message. Both of her stories carry an environmental theme, underlining the importance of ecological principles and showcasing her early commitment to environmental preservation.

Officially recognized by Guinness World Records on January 7, 2024, AlMaha’s achievement is set to be celebrated in a formal ceremony later this month, marking a monumental moment in literary history.

AlMaha’s environmentally themed stories were inspired by the family’s visit to COP28 in Dubai, highlighting the pressing need for environmental conservation education for children.

In a departure from conventional timelines, AlMaha defied expectations by mastering reading and writing at the age of 3, a significant feat considering that most children typically develop these skills between 6-7 years old.

Hailing from a family of achievers, AlMaha follows in the footsteps of her older sister and brother, who hold Guinness World Records for their own literary accomplishments. The family’s healthy competition serves as motivation, fostering an environment that encourages the pursuit of passions and skills.

For AlMaha’s mother, nurturing children’s skills is a vital responsibility for families. Emphasizing the significance of discovering and fostering talents, she advocates for boosting children’s self-confidence and raising awareness about the need to nurture young talents, enabling them to become active contributors to society.

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