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Ramadan in Dubai: 2,000 Daily Iftar Meals Illuminate the Spirit of Giving

During the holy month of Ramadan in Dubai, the community spirit shines brightly as over 2,000 iftar meals are distributed daily at Hamel Al Ghaith Mosque in Barsha Heights. This heartwarming initiative extends a warm invitation to both Muslim and non-Muslim residents of Dubai to come together and partake in the cherished tradition of breaking the fast.

Each carefully prepared iftar box contains a variety of nutritious and delicious offerings. From fresh salads and fruits to the comforting flavors of mandi, a traditional rice dish with meat, every palate is sure to be satisfied. Nutrient-rich beans and a delightful dessert complete the meal, providing a wholesome dining experience for all participants.

A Symbol of Unity and Inclusivity

The iftar distribution is not just about providing meals; it symbolizes unity and inclusivity in the community. Volunteers, embodying the spirit of service and togetherness, welcome people of all faiths to join in the communal meal, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

  • Gratitude and Appreciation: Delivery rider Amir Mahmood expresses his gratitude for the seamless provision of iftar meals, highlighting the generosity of the government and the people of Dubai.
  • Crossing Religious Boundaries: Resident Allan Abube, despite his Christian faith, shares his experience of warmth and acceptance as he partakes in the iftar, emphasizing the inclusivity and hospitality extended to all community members.

This noble initiative, led by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) in partnership with the Community Development Authority (CDA), reflects Dubai’s commitment to fostering unity and inclusivity. Government officials also participate in the iftar, reinforcing the sense of community and solidarity among residents.

Enriching Community Engagement

The Ramadan in Dubai campaign goes beyond meal distribution, offering a diverse range of activities to engage and uplift the community. From sports events promoting physical well-being to creative outlets for children and spiritual reflections through religious lectures, the campaign embodies the spirit of Ramadan, transcending cultural barriers to embrace all residents of Dubai.

  • Sporting Events: Organized matches and tournaments not only promote physical health but also foster camaraderie and healthy competition among participants, regardless of their backgrounds.
  • Children’s Creativity: Dedicated children’s corners provide young ones with opportunities for artistic expression through handicrafts and drawing sessions, encouraging the development of their talents and fostering friendships within the community.

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