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Ramadan 2024; UAE Initiates Positive Shift with Reduced Working Hours for Federal Employees

ramadan 2024 uae initiates positive shift with reduced working hours for federal employees 0

Ramadan’s Blessings Bring Reduced Hours for Federal Employees

In a gesture of reverence and accommodation for the sacred month of Ramadan, the UAE has announced a reduction in official working hours for its public sector employees. The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently issued a circular outlining the adjustments, which will come into effect from Monday to Thursday throughout Ramadan.

Ramadan's Blessings Bring Reduced Hours for Federal Employees
Ramadan’s Blessings Bring Reduced Hours for Federal Employees

According to the circular, all ministries and federal agencies across the UAE will operate from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm during the holy month. This modification aims to facilitate the participation of employees in spiritual activities and cultural practices associated with Ramadan, aligning work commitments with the solemn observance of this sacred time. However, it’s noted that certain roles may necessitate extended hours beyond the stipulated timeframe.

In a move to further accommodate employees, the federal authority has indicated the potential for flexible arrangements, allowing remote work on Fridays during Ramadan. This option, capped at a maximum of 70% of the entity’s total workforce, will be implemented in accordance with predefined guidelines to ensure operational efficiency and continuity.

Crucially, these adjusted working hours are applicable to both fasting and non-fasting employees, underscoring the commitment to inclusivity and respect for individual religious practices within the workplace.ramadan 2024 uae initiates positive shift with reduced working hours for federal employees 2 egIterDB

Turning to the broader cultural landscape of the UAE during Ramadan, anticipation builds for the commencement of the Sharjah Ramadan Festival, a beloved annual tradition. Scheduled to begin on March 8th and continue through April 13th, the festival represents a vibrant celebration of community, heritage, and commerce.

With the forthcoming Ramadan expected to commence on March 12th, as per the Hijri calendar published by the Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD), preparations are underway for the 34th edition of the Sharjah Ramadan Festival. Spanning 37 days, this eagerly awaited event promises a plethora of enriching experiences for residents and visitors alike.

Throughout the festival period, an array of marketing, entertainment, and heritage activities will unfold across the emirate, enriching the cultural tapestry and fostering a spirit of unity and camaraderie. Key shopping centers, destinations, and retail outlets will serve as focal points for these festivities, offering a diverse array of products at discounted rates.

Moreover, attendees can look forward to engaging in exciting draws, competitions, and the chance to win valuable prizes. From recreational pursuits to cultural exhibitions, the festival promises something for everyone, affirming its status as a cherished highlight of the UAE’s annual calendar.

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Reflecting on the significance of the Sharjah Ramadan Festival, Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, Chairman of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), emphasized its pivotal role in energizing the emirate’s economic landscape, particularly within the retail sector. Indeed, the festival serves as a testament to Sharjah’s commitment to fostering economic growth and cultural vitality, further solidifying its position as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in the region.

As the UAE prepares to usher in the blessed month of Ramadan and embrace the festivities of the Sharjah Ramadan Festival, the spirit of unity, compassion, and cultural appreciation resonates throughout the nation, reinforcing its status as a global exemplar of harmony and diversity.

While the modified working hours aim to accommodate the observance of Ramadan, the FAHR has also demonstrated a commitment to flexibility by allowing for remote work on Fridays during the month. This provision, capped at 70% of the total workforce, reflects a proactive approach to ensuring continuity of operations while respecting the diverse needs and religious obligations of employees.

Importantly, the revised working hours apply to all employees, regardless of whether they are fasting or not. This inclusivity underscores the UAE’s dedication to fostering a workplace environment that is respectful, supportive, and inclusive of diverse religious practices.

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