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PureHealth Completes Strategic Acquisition of Circle Health Group

Leadership Perspective

Operational Excellence and Strategic Adaptability

Hamad Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PureHealth, expressed satisfaction with the record-time completion of the Circle acquisition. This accomplishment highlights PureHealth’s operational prowess and strategic adaptability, solidifying its impact on the international stage. Following the investment in Ardent Health USA, this marks PureHealth’s second successful international acquisition, promising further portfolio growth on a global scale.

Strategic Leap Forward: PureHealth

Positioning as a Global Healthcare Platform

Farhan Malek, Founder and Managing Director of PureHealth, emphasized the strategic significance of acquiring Circle. This move positions PureHealth as a global healthcare platform, shaping the future of healthcare to be more connected, innovative, and globally accessible. The acquisition aligns with PureHealth’s vision of pioneering a healthier future, elevating Abu Dhabi’s global standing in healthcare, and revolutionizing global healthcare services.

Financial Landscape: PureHealth

Substantial Investment in Healthcare’s Future

Valued at approximately $1.2 billion before debt, this acquisition represents a substantial investment in the future of healthcare. PureHealth’s commitment to advancing healthcare globally is evident in this strategic move.

Future Expansion Strategy: PureHealth

Global Vision for 2024

Building upon this success, PureHealth is set to advance its expansion strategy in 2024. This vision encompasses not only acquisitions in local markets but also establishing itself as a leading global healthcare platform. The completion of the Circle Health Group acquisition marks a pivotal step in PureHealth’s journey towards shaping the future of global healthcare.

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