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National Bonds Achieves Unprecedented Success in 2023

National Bonds Celebrates Unprecedented Success in 2023

National Bonds, the renowned financial institution specializing in savings and investments, has reached remarkable milestones in 2023, delivering extraordinary returns to its investors. With a substantial investment portfolio exceeding Dh14 billion, National Bonds has set a new standard by offering investors returns of up to 5.84%, marking a historic achievement for the company.

Record-Breaking Returns and Profit Payouts

At a press conference held recently, National Bonds revealed that the average return for investors in 2023 was an impressive 4.2%. Notably, investors who entrusted Dh1 million or more in saving bonds enjoyed a generous return of 5.84%, while those with holdings ranging from Dh350,000 to Dh1 million received a notable return of 4.22%. The company distributed a remarkable Dh2.9 billion in profit payouts and prizes by the end of December 2023, highlighting its commitment to financial prosperity for its valued investors.

With a significant 215% increase in new savers compared to the previous year, National Bonds continues to earn the trust and confidence of a growing number of individuals seeking secure and rewarding investment opportunities.

Innovative “Eibor Plus” Scheme and Investment Strategy

In a groundbreaking move on March 27, National Bonds introduced the innovative “Eibor Plus” scheme. This program tracks the Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (Eibor) and offers investors an expected return of 0.5% above the benchmark’s performance annually. With a minimum investment of Dh25,000, participants can select Eibor-linked Term Sukuk with tenures ranging from 6 to 36 months, tailoring their investment strategy to suit their preferences.

Examining the company’s investment strategy, National Bonds maintains a diversified portfolio with the highest exposure to fixed-income assets at 43%, followed by real estate (26%), money markets (19%), listed equities (11%), and alternatives (1%). Noteworthy is the allocation of 55% of investments within the UAE, reflecting the firm’s commitment to supporting the local economy, with 33% invested internationally and 12% in the GCC region (excluding the UAE).

As National Bonds reflects on its remarkable achievements in 2023 and looks to the future, the company’s Chairman, Khalifa Al Daboos, and Group CEO, Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, express optimism and determination to build on the momentum. With a focus on aligning with the UAE’s economic initiatives and empowering individuals and organizations towards financial prosperity, National Bonds remains dedicated to delivering value, innovation, and financial literacy to its esteemed investors.

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