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Mandatory Biometric Fingerprinting Directive in Kuwait


The General Administration of Security Relations and Media in Kuwait has recently announced a groundbreaking directive regarding the mandatory biometric fingerprinting for all citizens and residents. This initiative aims to enhance security measures and ensure the safety of individuals within the country.

Implementation Details

Starting from March 1, 2024, individuals in Kuwait are required to undergo biometric fingerprinting. A three-month grace period until June 1, 2024, has been provided for compliance. Failure to adhere to this directive will lead to the suspension of all transactions with the Ministry of Interior.

Designated Centers for Fingerprinting

To facilitate the mandatory biometric fingerprinting process, the Ministry of Interior has set up dedicated centers at various locations across the country. These centers are strategically positioned at border crossings, Kuwait International Airport, and specific commercial complexes for the convenience of Kuwaiti nationals, GCC citizens, and residents.

  • Hawalli Security Directorate in Hawalli Governorate
  • Farwaniya Security Directorate in Farwaniya Governorate
  • Al Ahmadi Security Directorate in Al-Ahmadi Governorate
  • Mubarak Al Kabeer Security Directorate in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate
  • Al Jahra Security Directorate in Al-Jahra Governorate (for citizens and GCC nationals)
  • Personality Investigation Department, Corporate Fingerprinting, in the Ali Sabah Al Salem area
  • Identity Investigation Department for company fingerprinting in the Jahra area (for residents)
  • Designated commercial complexes: Avenues Mall, 360 Mall, Al Kout Mall, Capital Mall, and Ministries Complex

Traveler Exemptions and Compliance

Travelers leaving Kuwait are initially exempt from immediate fingerprinting requirements; however, compliance becomes mandatory upon their return. It is strongly advised for residents to adhere to this directive to avoid any inconvenience or disruption of transactions with the Ministry of Interior, contributing to the overall security enhancement of Kuwait.


The mandatory biometric fingerprinting initiative in Kuwait signifies a proactive approach to strengthening security protocols and enhancing public safety. By embracing technological advancements and establishing accessible fingerprinting centers, the government showcases its commitment to safeguarding the well-being of citizens and residents. Compliance with this directive is essential in fortifying Kuwait’s security infrastructure and ensuring a secure future for all individuals in the country.

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