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Interview with Brendan Hooft, CEO of ESPER

Career Trajectory and Key Decisions

Brendan Hooft, the CEO & Managing Partner at ESPER, reflects on his career journey. He highlights the pivotal moment of founding ESPER after personal traumas, aiming for a purpose-driven impact.

Motivation in the Digital Field

Hooft’s motivation stems from his experience at Gartner, where he observed the shortcomings of traditional approaches in the digital space. Research findings revealed the critical role of talent in driving digital success.

Handling Setbacks and Failures

Hooft emphasizes resilience, the support of relationships, and the importance of client trust in overcoming setbacks. These factors fuel his determination to excel in the face of challenges.

Projects and Initiatives

One of Hooft’s proudest achievements is launching ESPER Ignite, a comprehensive L&D platform for digital teams. The academy integrates Gartner thought leadership and strategic partnerships to empower digital talent.

Future Projections for the Gulf Market

Looking ahead, Hooft foresees significant growth opportunities in the Gulf market, particularly in non-oil sectors driven by digital transformation. Despite volatility, the region is poised for expansion and diversification.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

At ESPER, learning and development are central to fostering growth in a rapidly evolving landscape. Hooft emphasizes the importance of acquiring new skills, especially among high-potential talent within technology teams.

Innovation and Creativity in the Organization

Hooft advocates for a culture of innovation built on open collaboration and vulnerability. He underscores the need to invest in talent and develop new skills, such as communication and social intelligence, to drive organizational success.

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