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Innovative Judicial Enforcement System in the UAE

Streamlined Payment Tracking System

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has introduced a cutting-edge system to monitor and cancel judicial enforcement decisions instantly upon settlement of outstanding dues. The system efficiently tracks payment status and automatically cancels the original decision upon successful payment completion.

Simplified Process for Individuals: Travel Ban

Individuals no longer need to gather proof of payment and cancellation documents, thanks to this innovative approach. The system ensures a smooth process with minimal intervention from enforcement officers and judges.

Convenient Resolution for Travel Bans

Respondents facing travel bans due to non-payment can conveniently download a copy of the cancellation decision via a dedicated smart app. This streamlined process enables them to proceed with travel arrangements by presenting the digital copy when necessary.

Facilitating Resolution in Legal Matters

In cases involving arrest warrants or seizure orders on deposits and bank accounts, respondents can present a physical copy of the cancellation to lift the imposed decision.

Automated Communication and Monitoring

The system automatically notifies judges and officers through an internally built digital platform. Regular updates on follow-ups and monitoring of the respondent’s case are seamlessly communicated through this efficient digital interface.

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