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Houthi Missile Inflicts Damage on MSC Container Ship in Gulf of Aden ,Menace Unleashed

houthi missile inflicts damage on msc container ship in gulf of aden menace unleashed 1yhuF9gU

Houthi Missile Strikes MSC Container Ship in Gulf of Aden

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Houthi militants launched an assault on a Swiss-owned container vessel in the Gulf of Aden on Monday, causing significant damage to the ship. The MSC Sky II, operated by MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co., was positioned approximately 91 miles (146 kilometers) southeast of Aden, Yemen, when the attack occurred, according to reports from the UK Navy. The attack involved the firing of two missiles by the Houthis, with one striking the vessel, as confirmed by the US military.

Houthi Missile Strikes MSC Container Ship in Gulf of Aden
Houthi Missile Strikes MSC Container Ship in Gulf of Aden

Fortunately, initial reports indicate that there were no casualties resulting from the attack, and the vessel did not require assistance, continuing its journey unabated. However, the incident underscores the ongoing threat posed by the Iran-backed Houthi group to maritime activities in the region.

The Houthis have claimed responsibility for the attack, while MSC Mediterranean Shipping declined to offer any comments on the matter. Security company Ambrey Analytics reported that the explosion damaged an accommodation block and another part of the ship.

This latest assault is part of a series of attacks by the Houthis targeting merchant and military ships in the southern Red Sea region since mid-November. The group has justified these actions as support for Hamas in its conflict with Israel in Gaza and has declared its intention to continue such attacks until Israel ceases its military operations.

Despite facing airstrikes from US and UK forces on their positions in Yemen, the Houthis have persisted in their maritime assaults, resulting in significant disruptions to shipping routes. Merchant vessels have been forced to take lengthy diversions, circumnavigating southern Africa instead of traversing the Red Sea and Suez Canal, leading to soaring freight rates and substantial operational challenges for shipping companies.houthi missile inflicts damage on msc container ship in gulf of aden menace unleashed ZBm3EuWe

Additionally, many oil companies have redirected their cargoes in response to the heightened risks posed by the Houthi attacks. A recent survey by Goldman Sachs Group Ltd. revealed that nearly half of the respondents do not anticipate a return to normal shipping flows in the region within the current year.

The situation further escalated over the weekend with the sinking of another merchant ship, the Rubymar, approximately two weeks after being targeted by Houthi missiles. This incident marked the first instance of a vessel being sunk by the Houthis. Furthermore, the group continues to hold the Japanese-chartered car carrier Galaxy Leader, which was seized in November.

In response to the escalating threats, the US military reported two additional incidents on Monday. They confirmed that a ballistic missile fired by the Houthis landed in the Red Sea without causing damage to any vessels. Subsequently, American forces intercepted and neutralized two anti-ship cruise missiles that posed an imminent threat to merchant vessels and US Navy ships operating in the region.houthi missile inflicts damage on msc container ship in gulf of aden menace unleashed jWHdv5Ue

Amidst escalating tensions and brazen acts of aggression, the maritime domain in the Gulf of Aden has become a battleground for Houthi militants, posing grave risks to shipping and regional stability. The recent attack on the MSC Sky II, a Swiss-owned container vessel, serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threat posed by the Iran-backed Houthi group.

Positioned southeast of Aden, Yemen, the MSC Sky II fell victim to a targeted assault, with Houthi militants launching two missiles, one of which struck the vessel, causing substantial damage. Despite the intensity of the attack, initial reports indicate no casualties among the crew, and the ship managed to continue its voyage without requiring external assistance. However, the brazenness of the attack underscores the urgent need for heightened security measures and international cooperation to safeguard maritime activities in the region.

The Houthis’ claim of responsibility for the attack underscores their determination to disrupt maritime traffic and undermine regional stability. With their actions escalating tensions and causing widespread disruptions to shipping routes, the international community faces mounting challenges in addressing this destabilizing threat.

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