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Exploring Online Therapy for Mental Healthcare in the UAE

Cost-Effective Access to Cultural Understanding

Many expats in the UAE are turning to online therapy from other countries due to cost-effectiveness and the ability to select therapists based on cultural understanding. For example, Jack found therapy at $50-$70 per hour more affordable than the potential costs of Dh1,000 per hour in the UAE.

Changing Dynamics and Enhanced Accessibility

Residents like U.D. appreciate the convenience of online therapy, allowing for periodic changes in therapists without the hassle of commuting. She highlights the importance of consistent treatment duration for significant mental health improvements.

Cultural Relevance and Positive Outcomes: Mental Healthcare

Indian expat S.Y. sought therapy for his wife from their home country to ensure cultural understanding and familiarity with the challenges of adjusting to a new environment.

Personalized Approach to Mental Health

Residents emphasize the need for tailored therapy that considers evolving needs and cultural nuances, recognizing the importance of finding the right support at different life stages.

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