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Exclusive Interview with Jigar Sagar: Shaping the UAE’s Business Landscape

Career Journey of Jigar Sagar

Jigar Sagar, the founder of Triliv and a serial entrepreneur in the UAE, began his entrepreneurial path at a young age in his father’s gold retail store at Sharjah’s Gold Souk. After pursuing formal education in finance and accounting, Jigar explored various sectors before entering the world of entrepreneurship.

Factors Influencing Entrepreneurship

Jigar’s decision to delve into entrepreneurship was influenced by his natural ability to understand numbers and identify problems, coupled with self-awareness. This unique blend of skills allowed him to succeed in diverse sectors.

Staying Updated with Industry Trends

Jigar stays informed by reading global and local newspapers, technology magazines, and fashion publications regularly. He also utilizes apps like Headway for book summaries, ensuring he keeps up with the latest trends.

Leadership Strategies by Jigar Sagar

Jigar motivates and leads his team by harnessing individual strengths, promoting open communication, and providing continuous feedback. He believes in empowering his team while offering guidance when needed, fostering a high-performance culture.

Pivoting in the Digital Age

Jigar’s firm embraced technological innovation by integrating solutions like no-code tools, AI, and automation while maintaining a human touch. The balance between digital efficiency and personal relationships ensures continued relevance in the digital era.

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