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Exclusive Insights from Ciju Chandran, COO at FiLLi Cafe

Ciju Chandran: An Industry Leader

Ciju Chandran, a proficient industry leader and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at FiLLi Cafe, brings impressive expertise and a visionary approach. With hands-on experience of over 16 years in Café & QSR operations, Ciju Chandran is applying his strategic vision and ability to align product roadmaps with market demand, leading to the successful launch of several inventive products and contributing to the company’s growth.

Professional Achievements and Associations

Apart from being the COO at FiLLi Cafe, Ciju is the proud winner of the All India Chef Competition, 2005, and is closely associated with some of the top global brands like Starbucks coffee.

Strategic Vision and Market Adaptation

With the rapid transformation of the Food Industry in recent years and Ciju Chandran playing a crucial role in adapting and uplifting the organization amidst these changes, the COO shares his visionary and people-centric perspective.

Key Insights and Vision for the Future

Learn about Ciju Chandran’s career journey, strategies for adapting to emerging trends and technologies, future goals for his career and company, valuable lessons learned, differentiation strategies, market trends navigation, advice for newcomers in the food business, and essential qualities for thriving in the industry.

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