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Exciting Tales of Unexpected Wins

Numan Khan Muhammad Bashir, an IT professional with 16 years in the UAE, approached news of winning a ‘Dream Home’ in Al Ansari’s Winter Promotion 2023 with skepticism. His vigilance, honed by dealing with IT architecture and AI, peaked during the initial call from an Al Ansari executive.

Thorough Interrogation: Confirming the Unexpected

Upon a follow-up call, Numan, still uncertain, subjected the caller to thorough questioning, validating the legitimacy of the grand prize. Al Ansari, offering the option of a cash prize instead, is set to award him Dh350,000 on January 11.

Loyalty Rewarded: A Decade with Al Ansari: Dream Home

Numan, a daily commuter from Ajman to Dubai, has been using Al Ansari’s exchange branches for a decade. With the convenience of the mobile app, he remits two to three times weekly.

Gratitude and Future Plans: Umrah Beckons

Expressing gratitude for the unexpected windfall, Numan plans to perform Umrah with the funds. He credits his wife and children for bringing him luck.

BMW Surprise: Mary Ann’s Unexpected Triumph

In the same promotion, Mary Ann Labay, a 37-year-old Filipina in Deira, was announced as the winner of a BMW car. Shocked but grateful, she plans to sell the car to build a home for herself and her son.

A Promotion’s Success: Al Ansari’s Winter Rewards

The Al Ansari Winter Promotion, running from October 1 to December 31, 2023, enticed participants through various remittance channels. Prizes included a Dream Home, a BMW car, and a Samsung Galaxy S23 on a weekly basis. The promotion aimed to reward users of Al Ansari’s Mobile App, branches, eExchange, online portal, or any qualifying transaction.

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