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Emirates Publishers Association’s Impact at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2024

Emirates Publishers Association’s Participation at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2024

Sharjah, 9 April 2024: The Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) made a significant impact at the 2024 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, showcasing Emirati children’s book publishing on the global stage. Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Founder and Honorary President of the EPA, continues to champion the UAE publishing industry at international cultural forums.

EPA’s Role in Supporting Emirati Publishers

Dr. Abdullah Al Sharhan, Member of EPA Board, emphasized the importance of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair for Emirati publishers. He highlighted the platform it provides for showcasing Emirati and Arab experiences in the children’s book publishing sector, fostering international cooperation, and expanding the reach of Emirati culture globally.

Highlights at the EPA Pavilion

At the fair, the EPA’s pavilion featured the latest releases from its members, including a diverse range of books and publishers’ contact information. This setup aimed to facilitate connections between attendees and Emirati publishing houses, enabling potential deals for book rights acquisition and enhancing growth in the industry.

Promoting Emirati Literature and Culture

Participating in events like the Bologna Children’s Book Fair allows Emirati authors, illustrators, and publishers to showcase the rich cultural heritage and diverse stories from the UAE to a global audience. It serves as a platform for fostering collaborations, promoting cultural exchange, and highlighting the creativity and talent of Emirati creators on an international scale.

Empowering the Future through Children’s Literature

By engaging in activities such as panel discussions, presentations, and networking sessions, the EPA underlines the importance of Emirati children’s literature in promoting reading habits, preserving local traditions, and instilling values in young readers. Such initiatives not only elevate the quality of publications but also contribute to the global diversity of children’s literature.

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