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Elie Iskandar – Mastering the Art of Voice Mimicry

Morgan Freeman At the age of 8, a chance encounter with an elderly neighbor with a unique voice sparked Elie Iskandar’s incredible journey into the world of voice mimicry.

“From Cartoons to Career at 16”

Drawing inspiration from MixFM at 16, Elie decided to turn his passion into a profession, reaching out to radio stations with voice impressions that marked the beginning of his professional journey.

“Navigating Challenges in the Industry”: Morgan Freeman

Facing various challenges in his career, Elie shares the demanding nature of mimicking voices, particularly highlighting the complexity of replicating Morgan Freeman’s distinctive voice.

“Proud Accomplishments and Recognition”

Despite challenges, Elie’s proudest achievement is becoming the Arabic voice for Morgan Freeman in the documentary series ‘Morgan Freeman’s Through The Wormhole,’ showcasing his talent on an international stage.

“Daily Impact in UAE Advertisements”

From Talabat to Emaar, Elie’s vocal versatility has become an integral part of daily life in the UAE, enriching advertisements and leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

“Seamless Character Transitions”

Mastering the art of effortlessly switching between voices, Elie engages in dynamic conversations between multiple characters, showcasing the depth of his vocal abilities.

Conclusion: “Elie Iskandar – Shaping the Auditory Landscape of the UAE”

In conclusion, Elie Iskandar’s journey from childhood discovery to becoming a sensation in the UAE’s voice industry highlights the remarkable talent that has left an indelible mark on advertisements, documentaries, and the daily lives of residents.

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