Dubai Customs has specially designated counters with staff trained to assist individuals with physical impairments, facilitating POD (People of Determination) customers in making customs declarations in both Arrivals and Departures. Passengers can obtain the required clearance for the transportation of goods within and outside the Emirate of Dubai and schedule a customs inspection for their items.


The dedicated counters can be found in Arrivals and Departures in all terminals at DXB and DWC, with signage throughout.


Landline: 00971 441 76882

Duty officer: 00971 565 088482

Terms and Conditions

Commercial goods which are held by the passengers should be appropriate for customs duty and VAT.

Some goods, such as cash and certain commercial goods, must be declared.

Documents must be provided and submitted to the customs authorities (invoice/packing list/no objection letter if requested).

Smart Mobile App

iDeclare is a smart mobile app that links with a declaration system allowing POD customers to securely submit a customs declaration on-the-go. This provide a quick and secure transfer of information to the passengers on customs rules and regulations, helping to reduce waiting times. The app can also take a photo of any goods and automatically provide a description of the items.

iDeclare can be downloaded from the App Store 

More Information

Please visit Dubai Customs’ FAQ page for more information -Click Here