Extends wheelchair services to support departing passengers, available from the curbside (exclusively at Terminal 3) or check-in counters (accessible at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) up to their respective boarding gates. Customers can make a service request either during the ticket booking process or directly at the dedicated airline check-in counter. For arriving passengers who have pre-booked assistance, it is important to introduce themselves to the attendants at the arrival gate.

The dnata team is both trained and certified to deliver assistance in accordance with US standards, specifically the Air Carrier Access Act. They may employ various equipment, such as wheelchairs, leg support, infant belts, and buggy cars, to cater to passengers’ needs. In cases where a customer needs to check in their personal wheelchair, it will be appropriately tagged, and a dnata wheelchair will be provided for the duration of their journey through the airport.

Dubai Airport 1
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Suitable wheelchairs

dnata provides STAXI with an undercarriage baggage compartment (Dimensions: Width – 27”, Length – 39”), along with conventional wheelchairs available in three sizes (Width – 18”, 22”, 24”).



Terminal 3 Economy: Customers can use the special handling people of determination counter next to the Emirates ticketing desk, or any dedicated Emirates counter near curbside entrance 1.

Terminal 3 First & Business: Customers can use the curbside assistance service for First/Business Class or any dedicated Emirates counter.

Terminal 1: Customers can use the special handling people of determination lounge located at area 4 or any dedicated airline counter.

Terminal 2: Customers can use the special handling people of determination desk located near counter 52 or any dedicated airline counter.


Customers that have booked the service should head to the arrival gates or remote arrival entry points.


Services are free for people of determination.