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Celebrating Urdu Language and Culture at Jashn-e-Rekhta: An Insightful Conversation with Sanjiv Saraf

Mission and Accessibility of Urdu

Creating a Thriving Space
The Rekhta Foundation’s mission is clear: to make Urdu accessible to everyone, transcending backgrounds and linguistic abilities. Through and Jashn-e-Rekhta, they aim to create a thriving space where Urdu flourishes, resonating in the hearts of millions, and its cultural significance is celebrated with utmost reverence.

Cultural Fusion in Dubai: Embracing Diversity

Embracing Diversity
With Dubai’s significant South-East Asian presence, the festival seeks to provide an enriching experience for speakers of Hindi, Sindhi, or Punjabi. The first edition of Jashn-e-Rekhta in Dubai for 2024 is dedicated to “Preserving the Essence of Urdu.”

Versatility of Urdu Language: An Ever-Expanding Language
Describing Urdu as an extremely versatile and humble language, Sanjiv Saraf highlighted its history of adopting regional languages and drawing inspiration from global literature.

Democratizing Access to Literary Treasures: Digital Platforms and Resources
The Rekhta Foundation believes in democratizing access to the rich treasure of Hindi literature and the Sufi bhakti tradition. Platforms like,, and showcase vibrant realms of Hindi literature, Sufi bhakti tradition, and Rajasthani literature, respectively. The Rekhta Urdu Dictionary and Hindi Dictionary serve as trilingual resources for language enthusiasts.

Influence and Popularity of Urdu
Emphasizing that any art form can be popularized through an accessible medium, Saraf pointed to Urdu’s influence in the popularity of ghazals, poetry, mushaira, Urdu dramas, and the storytelling tradition of Daastangoi.

Digital Age Adaptation
Highlighting the importance of, Saraf stated that the written word transcends time, preserving the voices of generations past and offering wisdom for the present. In the digital age, a language must adapt to survive, and aims to provide daily doses of Urdu through familiar technology and the internet.

Honoring Urdu Contributors
Recognition of Unsung Heroes
The Rekhta Foundation honors Urdu contributors, especially unsung heroes, individuals dedicated to enriching the language. The festival aims to promote Urdu beyond glamour, recognizing contributors from the film industry and other domains who have made significant contributions to Urdu through their films, lyrics, music, and direction.

Education and Inspiration
Pivotal Roles in Education
Addressing education, the festival features individuals who have played pivotal roles in the educational domain of Urdu, aiming to inspire and engage the audience with the intellectual and educational aspects of the language alongside its entertainment value. The goal is to ensure that participants leave the festival having enriched their understanding of Urdu after spending precious hours.

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